Dear Carpet Girl,

I’ve just purchased Bliss carpeting from you and now I’m ready for the installation! While I’m very excited about finally getting my dream carpeting put in, I’m not sure what I should expect on the day of the installation. I want to make sure that the installers have the time and space that they need to work, while also still being able to go about my daily routine. Is there anything specific I should know or have ready?


What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Dear What to Expect When You’re Expecting,

We’re so happy you found the Blissful carpet you love! The decision to replace carpet can be overwhelming, I’m glad we were able to help you! Now, as far as the carpet installation, it should be just like buying the carpet was, easy and stress free! Of course there are certain things that should be taken care of, but TCG is here to help you all the way. Here’s just a few things to know…before the old carpet goes!

  • Arrival times may vary/be delayed due to traffic, weather, and warehouse pick up. We will give you a 1 hour window of arrival.
  • Rip up of carpet is very dusty, sorry! The installation teams will be neat and clean up as they go.
  • Our teams will be going in and out of the home frequently, we suggest having a safe place for children and pets during the installation process.
  • Fresh paint may get scratched, these are surface scratches and cannot be avoided. However, we will gladly touch it up on the day of installation if paint is available!
  • Multiple crews may interfere with our ability to install flooring. Please schedule/plan ahead, allowing us the time and space needed to do our job.

It’s also important to know that, while we do move furniture discussed prior to the installation, any loose items such as books, knick knack, or children’s toys should be boxed up and away. This makes it easier for our installation team to do their job efficiently! We also know that it’s difficult to find a whole day to be home for the install, so if there are a few errands you need to run throughout the day that’s fine! TCG just asks that someone over the age of 18 to present for most of the day, in order to answer any questions the installers may have! Your carpet installation is in good hands with our teams!

It’s very easy to become overwhelmed with everything going on during your carpet installation, but we at TCG will be available to help you every step of the way! Our project manager is available throughout the day, and can assist you should you have any questions. The most important thing to remember though, is to be excited! Your’e having your dream carpet installed!