No. TCG is very competitive with special order products and services. We have access to all major mills and strictly sell quality flooring and installation. Major retailers often stock cheap “lead in” products (such as laminates for .69 cents) that we neither sell nor recommend. Remember that you get what you pay for – lower quality products made overseas by an unknown or generic manufacturer may cost less, but you need to determine whether a lower quality product will work for your requirements and quality concerns.

Yes. We will gladly order materials for your contractor to install.*

No. Labor is labor… the installation team is selected based upon several factors including where the product is being installed, travel time, and length of the project. However, if you have a specific budget, then selecting the appropriate product can save you money on the installation. Hard surface materials such as laminates, LVTs or hardwood are handled one plank at a time, therefore the square foot price to install is higher than that of carpet installation.

Carpet is sold by the yard because it generally comes in 12, 13.2 or 15 foot wide rolls. Therefore we price it by the yard. Hard surfaces such as laminates, tile, hardwood & luxury vinyl tiles, are sold by the carton (square foot). Major retailers started to sell higher end carpets by the square foot to appear less expensive ($20.00 /yard carpet may be sold in a store, at $2.22/sq ft). The end result is the same.

We believe that consumers should know exactly where their dollars are being spent. Have you ever gone to a store or contractor – gotten an estimate and then the price quoted doesn’t apply to “your house” or “your job” (like free installation)? We stand behind our estimates* and we quote the entire project to avoid “by the way charges” or hidden fees.

If you are concerned about “the look” there are several things to do: often a large scale picture of the product is available on the sample board to see. Consult a designer, they are excellent resources to help complete a room’s look. It is important to be very sure about your product selection before ordering because flooring is cut special for your purchase, therefore – there are NO REFUNDS, for any of our products. No exceptions… even major box stores have no refund policies & restocking fees. The Carpet Girl, LLC does not stock any material, therefore we do not offer restocking fees or returns.

Like all retailers, we must have the complete invoice paid for in full prior to leaving the warehouse. Our installation techs are unable to collect funds on the day of the job. This is for your protection & theirs. We guarantee our installation for ONE year* and assist all customers with manufacturers warranties should issues arise.

Most flooring ships from the southern region of the country and is transported to NJ via trucking companies, making several stops along the east coast. Most in stock flooring arrives in 7-10 business days. Products not in stock normally ship a few business days after they’ve cleared production. If there is an urgency, we suggest picking a product from the NJ stock warehouse. The Carpet Girl, LLC cannot guarantee or rush orders for any reason as shipping is at the discretion of the mills & follows the guidelines of union employees. Therefore residential deliveries are not allowed* and freight companies do not work overtime nor drive certain holidays or weekends.

Flooring manufactured today can be installed in older homes without a sub floor.* It is important to choose a floor that works with your family’s needs & characteristics of the home. Slight changes may be required to make it work. Our job is to inform you as best we can, based on what we see. New moldings & trim are almost always needed for any hard surface floor.

Possibly. Hardwood, laminates, carpets & LVT may scratch, fade or stain. There are products on the market designed to have a higher tolerance and durability from everyday wear and are warrantied respectively. It is important to discuss this with your sales representative based on the placement of the floors & usage. *Flooring on stairs is not covered under any warranty.

Yes. The flooring can be available “next day.” Installers are often booked 1 to 2 weeks out. If you are working with a contractor & he is available to pick up your floor we can arrange for them to do so. If you require our installation techs then an appointment will need to be scheduled. We do not book installers until the material has arrived.

We recommend paint first – floors last. Although the new paint may get slightly scratched, minor few scratches are much easier to fix than cleaning paint off of new carpets. Remember, we use tools to install all types of floors, so keep a small amount of touch up paint handy and we will gladly fix our scratches. There is a charge if we have to come back to touch up paint.

No. Carpet (especially loops) when cut, will appear to shed or have loose strings. We do our best to clean up afterwards. If there is a need to come back to give these strings a carpet cut we will do so free of charge. DO NOT PULL any materials. Please make sure before using any vacuum with a beater brush that these tiny strings are cut. If a pull occurs TCG or the manufacturer will not guarantee.

* Some restrictions may apply. Please note Dyson vacuums can void any and all manufacturer & TCG warranties.