Dear Carpet Girl,

I’m a top NJ realtor who spends a lot of time helping homeowners get their homes ready for the competitive market. I’ve helped many homeowners make their homes stand out through staging their homes just right. While I have a lot of connections with interior designers, handy-man services, contractors, and organizational experts, I don’t have resources to advise me on carpets and floors. MY clients refuse to shop at “big box stores” and would rather have a one-on-one shopping experience. How does your in home services work, and do you offer special programs for realtors? Sincerely,

Miss Realtor

Dear Miss Realtor,

Fret no more, a “Carpet Girl” in your rolodex is just what you need! Our “Get it Staged” program starts at $2.79 a square foot, and is just what you and your homeowners are looking for.

  • Our carpets are in stock and ready when you are!
  • We include carpet and services you need to get that home “MLS listed ready”.
  • From rip up, disposal and carpeting to padding and faux wood floors, our system is “a la carte” so your client only pays for exactly what they need!

Terms and conditions will always apply, and the condition of the home and flooring will determine price over all. Our team will explain the process and get you the quote fast, all while never having to step foot inside a big box store!