The Carpet Girl gets personal

[Springfield, N.J.] Rooted by an affinity for interior design and a vision for change, Dianne Grossman, owner of The Carpet Girl (TCG), opened her 3,000 square foot boutique-styled showroom here four years ago with a mission to shift the way female consumers shop for flooring.

“It’s nothing like a box store. It’s clean, clutter-free and is a space people will feel relaxed and comfortable in,” she said.

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The Carpet Girl Featured in NJBiz Spotlight!

Dianne Grossman says she always knew she wanted to run her own business. She just didn’t know a joking insult from her husband would provide the impetus to get started.

“One day, I was waiting to go to lunch with my husband, Seth, who had worked in flooring for over 30 years,” she said. “I was reading Floor Covering Weekly, an industry trade publication, that said, ‘80 percent of flooring decisions are made by female homeowners, yet more than 80 percent of sales are conducted by men.’”

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Springfield Momtrepeneur Wins Driven Success Award From Womens Empowerment Organization

Four years after launching a business out of her home basement, Dianne Grossman (center in photo), founder of The Carpet Girl ( in Springfield, was named recipient of the Believe Inspire Grow (B.I.G.) “Driven to Success” Award at a gala at the MetLife Building in New York City.

“I am deeply honored that my peers at B.I.G. selected me for this special award, particularly given the instrumental role this organization has played in building my business,” says Grossman. “In 2012, I started The Carpet Girl in my basement with $1000, a handful of business cards, and the vision to help professional and consumer clients design spaces with high-end flooring at reasonable prices.”

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Fighting Against Allergies

Dear Carpet Girl,

My family is moving into our dream house in Westfield. We want to change the floors throughout our second floor. Our youngest daughter suffers from allergies, and I think that hardwood would be a more “allergy friendly” option. My husband however, believes that carpet would actually be a more appropriate choice. Which carpet is better for people suffering from allergies?


Organically Motivated Mother


Dear Organically Motivated Mother,

Welcome to Westfield, and congratulations on your new home! When it comes to choosing the right flooring to put down there are definitely multiple options to consider, especially with a little one suffering at from allergies.

  • While it is generally thought that having hardwood flooring in your home decreases allergy symptoms, this is not entirely true. Allergens that float around the home tend to simply sit on top of the surface. Because of this the allergens are being kicked up and mixed into the air causing allergy symptoms to become worse.
  • Carpet, on the other hand, works more like a filter that hardwood does. Instead of allowing the allergens to sit on top of the surface, the fibers in the carpet traps the allergens in the house, reducing the allergy symptoms your family may be experiencing.

Not only does carpeting help to trap the allergens in your home, there has also been a connection found between the use of carpeting in the home and a decrease in asthma attacks!

  • A study done in Sweden over the course of 15 years found that symptoms of allergies and asthma decreased when the use of carpet increased.
  • Another study done in New Jersey found that when children had carpeting in their bedrooms at home, they were less likely to have days missed at school.

There are a lot of options to consider for flooring in your home. Here at TCG we believe choosing carpet is a great choice if you’re hoping to improve your child’s health and decrease the chance that they will suffer from allergies in your home!

patterned carpet            masland pattern

Carpet Installation: Getting Ready!

Dear Carpet Girl,

I’ve just purchased Bliss carpeting from you and now I’m ready for the installation! While I’m very excited about finally getting my dream carpeting put in, I’m not sure what I should expect on the day of the installation. I want to make sure that the installers have the time and space that they need to work, while also still being able to go about my daily routine. Is there anything specific I should know or have ready?


What to Expect When You’re Expecting


Dear What to Expect When You’re Expecting,

We’re so happy you found the Blissful carpet you love! The decision to replace carpet can be overwhelming, I’m glad we were able to help you! Now, as far as the carpet installation, it should be just like buying the carpet was, easy and stress free! Of course there are certain things that should be taken care of, but TCG is here to help you all the way. Here’s just a few things to know…before the old carpet goes!

  • Arrival times may vary/be delayed due to traffic, weather, and warehouse pick up. We will give you a 1 hour window of arrival.
  • Rip up of carpet is very dusty, sorry! The installation teams will be neat and clean up as they go.
  • Our teams will be going in and out of the home frequently, we suggest having a safe place for children and pets during the installation process.
  • Fresh paint may get scratched, these are surface scratches and cannot be avoided. However, we will gladly touch it up on the day of installation if paint is available!
  • Multiple crews may interfere with our ability to install flooring. Please schedule/plan ahead, allowing us the time and space needed to do our job.

It’s also important to know that, while we do move furniture discussed prior to the installation, any loose items such as books, knick knack, or children’s toys should be boxed up and away. This makes it easier for our installation team to do their job efficiently! We also know that it’s difficult to find a whole day to be home for the install, so if there are a few errands you need to run throughout the day that’s fine! TCG just asks that someone over the age of 18 to present for most of the day, in order to answer any questions the installers may have! Your carpet installation is in good hands with our teams!

It’s very easy to become overwhelmed with everything going on during your carpet installation, but we at TCG will be available to help you every step of the way! Our project manager is available throughout the day, and can assist you should you have any questions. The most important thing to remember though, is to be excited! Your’e having your dream carpet installed!

Safer Flooring: Carpet VS Hardwood

Dear Carpet Girl,

My husband’s aging father is moving in with our family next month. We’re concerned about the hardwood floors in our home being slippery and too cold for him, and our home health aide suggested that we purchase new carpet for his bedroom, hallway, and steps. We’ve done some research on our own about the differences between hardwood and carpet, but still are unsure of whether or not hardwood or carpet is the safer flooring. We need your help to find the best flooring for our family.


Safety First


Dear Safety First,

Having an elderly family member in your home can be a joy and a challenge, and we applaud you for taking this on. We agree with your home health aide, installing carpet in your home will make his new space warm, cozy, and will create a safer environment than hardwood floors. Carpet comes in a variety of different styles, we suggest that installing a nice, plus, low profile carpet is the way to go!

  • Unlike hard surface flooring, carpet provides a much safer environment for everyone, especially elderly family members.
  • Carpet can perform like Velcro, keeping your feet sturdy while walking. Under the carpet we suggest a synthetic padding. The firmness of the pad will offer the perfect amount of support!
  • Hard surface flooring can also be rough  on your joints, knees, and ankles if standing for extended periods of time. Choosing carpet reduces the amount of stress put on your joints and will feel better on your family’s feet!
  • Carpet is also a safer flooring option because it is made of soft, resilient fibers which provide much needed comfort and insulation for your home. This will not only make your home feel better, but it also promotes an atmosphere of relaxation which will benefit your father in law and  everyone else in your family as well!

Our recommendation is a low profile carpet. A tight, dense carpet will allow your father in law to walk comfortably on top of the carpet rather than sink into a loose carpet, which may pose a tripping hazard.

We would also recommend a nylon or wool, which is a stronger yarn and less likely to “pill”. Plus it lasts longer!


Best of Luck,

The Carpet Girl

TCG’s Get it Staged Program

Dear Carpet Girl,

I’m a top NJ realtor who spends a lot of time helping homeowners get their homes ready for the competitive market. I’ve helped many homeowners make their homes stand out through staging their homes just right. While I have a lot of connections with interior designers, handy-man services, contractors, and organizational experts, I don’t have resources to advise me on carpets and floors. MY clients refuse to shop at “big box stores” and would rather have a one-on-one shopping experience. How does your in home services work, and do you offer special programs for realtors? Sincerely,

Miss Realtor

Dear Miss Realtor,

Fret no more, a “Carpet Girl” in your rolodex is just what you need! Our “Get it Staged” program starts at $2.79 a square foot, and is just what you and your homeowners are looking for.

  • Our carpets are in stock and ready when you are!
  • We include carpet and services you need to get that home “MLS listed ready”.
  • From rip up, disposal and carpeting to padding and faux wood floors, our system is “a la carte” so your client only pays for exactly what they need!

Terms and conditions will always apply, and the condition of the home and flooring will determine price over all. Our team will explain the process and get you the quote fast, all while never having to step foot inside a big box store!

Carpet Cleaning and Preserving the Warranty

Dear Carpet Girl,

We recently installed new carpet in our family room, what is the best way to keep my carpet looking new and clean?   Our sales person advised we need to clean or care for the carpet every 18 months, is that true and why?

New and Shining


Dear New and Shining,

Congratulations on your new family room carpet!  Gathering information from the manufacturer is the first step in ensuring your new carpet stays looking its best.  This includes approved cleaning chemicals, warranty guidelines and cleaning requirements.  This information can be found on their website or ask your retailer for guidance.  Carpets are treated during the manufacturing process with a stain protection that should last for several years.  Using an unapproved chemical to treat any stain can cause a chemical reaction creating a bigger chemical stain or damage to the product.

Here is what we recommend to keep your carpet’s warranty in place.

  • Use a company that is IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified, and has gone through training with the last 3 years.
  • If you choose to use an in home remedy to treat a stain, make sure you are using warm water only to gently pat the stain. Do not rub the stain.  This friction can damage the fibers.  If it is an oil based stained, a gentle fragrance free soap with no dyes is best.  If you use an OTC cleaning product – the carpet could end up with two stains, and void any stain warranties put in place by the carpet mill.
  • Warm water extraction is absolutely the best way to spot clean or “whole room clean”, your carpets whether it’s commercially rated or one from a local retailer. Harsh chemicals should never be used to clean your carpets.
  • When treating a stain like pet urine, it’s important to treat the padding as well. It may require having the carpets gently pulled back and replacing the affected area to avoid that pesky stain from returning or the smell from remaining…no one wants the lingering sent of urine in their home.
  • Lastly, in 2007, many of the mainstream manufacturers began a campaign that simply states: in order for them to honor their warranty plans, carpets should be maintained and cleaned professionally every 18 months.  Failing to invest in a proper care plan may result in voiding the very valuable warranty.

Remember to be mindful when cleaning your carpet so that the warranty stays in place and you don’t inadvertently cause more damage to the product.

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